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iTrain - e-training in imaging


iTrain is a web platform for remote training in imaging, to improve participants'skills in interpreting images, performing the evaluation (measures and interpretations) of REAL CLINICAL CASES, by means of the COMPARISON of the answer provided by participants to questions related to the cases.


The platform is intended for PROFESSIONALS in imaging and signals with the aim to build a COMMUNITY where everyone can improve own skill by the comparison of their interpretations with the others.

The programs are built on real clinical cases and coordinated by EXPERTS on the topics. The COORDINATOR TEAM do not provide an evaluation but it coordinate the execution of the programs and guarantee the statistical analysis for the automatic evaluation.


The programs are developed with the goal to provide to the professional a CONTINUOUS TRAINING by means of PERIODIC ON LINE EXERCISES on real cases. The platform is a tool to support, over the time, the professionals in their everyday activity.